Line sets may be an often-forgotten part of an air-conditioning system, but it shouldn’t be.

That’s the message Carlisle HVAC told me they wanted to get out to the HVAC construction industry when I talked to them for a new article on line set protection that we just posted to this SNIPS Info Center.

Tim Eorgan, Carlisle HVAC’s specified products manager, says that the sun’s rays can cause the copper line sets to warm up, making air-conditioning condensers work harder and reducing energy efficiency.

So Carlisle offers two products to combat the problem:  Hardcast TPO-2265, which stands for “thermoplastic polyolefin,” and Hardcast Seal-Tack White. Designed to go over line sets as either an external wrap or brushed-on coating, either can help HVAC contractors meet code requirements while keeping customers’ compressors running efficiently — and ensure comfortable indoor environments. 

I recently interviewed Eorgan on this issue for a video shot at the AHR Expo in Orlando, Florida. 

“It’s a good procedure to have that copper pipe protected,” Eorgan said. “And if you’re going to protect it, you might as well protect it with insulation to get needed R value.”

It’s an issue contractors need to be aware of, since state construction codes in warm-weather locales such as Florida are starting to require the use of insulating and protective line set coverings.

When you’re installing or servicing and HVAC system, do you ensure the line sets are protected?