As I write this, it’s the last day of the 2017 AHR Expo in Las Vegas. While SNIPS editor Michael McConnell is making his way to company booths we may have missed, I’m already back at home in Michigan with some time to reflect on my first visit to an HVAC/sheet metal trade show.

If I met you on the show floor, you probably learned that not only was this my first time to the AHR Expo, but it was also my first time in Las Vegas — and what a whirlwind experience it was! From the minute I got off the plane on Sunday, it felt like someone had pressed the “fast forward” button.

As the cab driver maneuvered down the crowded streets, I looked out the window and wondered whether I was in Paris or ancient Rome. Had I somehow fallen down the rabbit hole like Alice and her wild adventures in Wonderland? The city, it seemed, really never slows down and that same energy was running through all corners of the Las Vegas Convention Center during the expo.

I was pleasantly surprised at my ability to find my way around the trade show floor — I think we can all agree that there was not one path that wasn’t filled with visitors — and even more surprised by all of the people who are involved in this industry.

It also helped to see some of these products we write about in person, like KoolDuct and Thermaduct, which are both mentioned in an upcoming story we’re doing on phenolic duct in March. Live demonstrations of Vicon’s plasma cutting table and Kanomax’s duct air leak tester were also notable.

If I didn’t get a chance to talk with you in person, please feel free to reach out to me at