Sheet Metal gauge, or more formally, Manufacturer’s Standard Gage for Sheet Steel, is derived from the United States Standard Gage established by Congress in 1893. (Machinery’s Handbook, 29th Ed., Industrial Press 2012, p.2608)

For the Roto-Die machinery specifications, any reference to gauge or material thickness capacity, in decimal inches, is based on Galvanized Sheet or its equivalent Steel Gage, in 40,000 psi (275 N/mm2) maximum material yield. For consideration of annealed, low carbon Stainless Steel, the maximum capacity should be reduced by 2 gauges. For example, a machine that has a stated maximum capacity of 16 gauge in mild steel, would be an equivalent stainless steel capacity of 18 gauge. If there are questions about specific applications, please contact us.

Sheet metal gaging graph