If you’re signed up for our weekly eNewsletter or regularly visit our website, then you’ll notice we posted a new poll a few weeks ago titled “Women in the Industry: How many women are employed at your HVAC business?”

In anticipation of a cover story I’ve been working on for the upcoming October issue on how women are faring in HVAC, I was curious as to just how many women SNIPS readers employ at their companies. While votes are still coming in, I was pleasantly surprised to see that the choice of “None” wasn’t in the lead.

So far, 55 percent of our readers employ at least one to five women, followed by six to 10 women at 20 percent and more than 15 women at 11 percent. Nine percent of our readers have no women working at their companies, and four percent have 11 to 15 women working at their companies.

Now that I know how many women you’re employing, I’m interested in learning what kind of work they’re doing at your company. Are they in administrative, sales and marketing roles, or are they sheet metal apprentices and HVAC technicians? Let me know in the comments below or email me at laforesta@bnpmedia.com.

And if you haven’t voted in the poll, you can still do so here.