Yesterday, as I was riding in the cab on my way to the 2015 AHR Expo in Chicago, I was certain that this year’s sheet metal works and HVAC market trade show was going to be better than last year, for three reasons: 1) The weather is much more pleasant, compared to the massive polar vortex we survived during last year’s show in New York, 2) I get to indulge in a yummy, Chicago-style pizza while I’m here (gluten-free for me), and 3) I’m a lot more familiar with the show’s setup and exhibitors, since this is my second year attending AHR (last year was a bit overwhelming, I must admit).

We’re now two days in and, from the looks of it, many of the attendees would agree with my initial statement: this year’s AHR is definitely better— and bigger — than the 2014 expo. As I spent much of today and yesterday walking around and speaking with different exhibitors, many of which advertise and/or have been featured in our magazine, most of them had a ton of traffic at their booths, which means more business for their companies — and that’s a great thing.


There’s still a lot of hustle and bustle happening here at AHR, so continue to stay tuned to our social media channels for live pics and posts from the show.