Spring has arrived, and thankfully, temperatures here have finally reached the high 50s, which feels like paradise compared to the gruesome, below-zero weather Michigan has endured this past winter.

Remnants of the bitter wind chills and endless snowstorms — which consist of pothole-filled streets, terribly eroded concrete and flooded areas that were once mini mountains of snow — are scattered about, just in time for spring cleaning. In other words, construction season is here.
I’ve always said that there are only two seasons here in Michigan: winter and construction. After the snow finally melts and the freezing temperatures aren’t so freezing anymore, you can rest assured that, at the very minimum, two freeways and five major streets will be blocked off for construction until the next winter hits. And then the cycle repeats itself.
But, that which is a nuisance to me is a job opportunity to a local construction contractor. With the construction industry having experienced a series of highs and lows throughout the past few years, every project counts. Furnaces damaged from the cold weather have also brought about opportunities for HVAC contractors to do repair work.
So as I’m stuck in traffic on my way to work or taking a detour due to a road close, I’ll find some peace in knowing that somewhere, a team of construction contractors are working.
Has this past winter had any effects on your business? Share your thoughts below!