We recently had a home energy auditor visit our home. The house that me and my wife bought a little less than a year ago is almost 75 years old, and it does have some energy issues. Parts are cold during the winter and others are warm no matter how hard the air conditioning blows each summer. 

SNIPS has written about the growing market for energy auditors several times, but experiencing the services of such a company was especially educational. The blower-door test, in particular, demonstrated just how much air leaks out of our midsize home. It seemed as if every crevice, light switch and electrical outlet was emitting chilly Michigan winter air. At least now we know the cold spots are not signs of a ghost. 

The auditors did have some good news. Our house was typical for its age and construction, and some of the additions and improvements over the years had included a decent amount of insulation, if not quite to today's codes. 

And while I don't think we are going to take all of the company's suggestions for energy savings, we will probably implement a few of them. Overall, I was impressed with the process. Have you ever considered offering energy-auditing services or partnering with a company does? Tell me about it.