I was proud to help supply this month’s Snips cover story about Ruskin-owned Eastern Sheet Metal. The company in Dothan, Ala., fabricated 7,000-pound attenuators for the transportation hub at the World Trade Center. I had a great time talking to the individuals associated with the project.


Mike Mercer, the shop foreman at Eastern Sheet Metal, explained to me the excitement his workers felt when the first attenuator was finished and ready for shipment to New York City. Check out the cover story and you will see a photo of Mercer and his employees standing in front of a large flatbed truck with the attenuator loaded on it. The employees decided to show their pride in the project by draping an American flag over the attenuator. Mercer said this was their way of giving back to a city that lost so much over a decade ago.


Not only was it great to see the pride and excitement that came from sheet metal workers, but it reminded me of how important sheet metal workers are. It reminded me of how important our construction industry is. It’s our industries that not only build the country, but rebuild it after difficult times.

Also, we are in the middle of a very messy and mud-slinging presidential campaign right now. When you start to feel you can’t take any more of the negativity, just think of this project and the men and woman involved in rebuilding the WTC site. There are probably people of every political affiliation, background and religion working to rebuild the World Trade Center. But it doesn’t get in the way because there is a job to do.


Our politicians could learn something from the construction industry. There is a job to do. We need to get to rebuilding. So let us put our differences aside and get started.