Recently, I was cleaning the garage and came across a box filled with old issues of Snips. I’ve been associate editor for Snips for almost seven years, so I’ve accumulated quite a few back issues.

I use to hold on to the issues so I could quickly refer back to old articles. However, all of our past issues can be found on our website. So if I need to find something I can easily go to our issue archive online. But I can’t bring myself to get rid of my Snips collection. For me it’s a sense of pride. I love being able to look back at hard copies of the magazine I’ve worked on and to revisit articles I wrote. We on the Snips team have a feeling that many of our readers may also have a prized Snips collection.

In March 2007, Snips celebrated its 75th anniversary. At that time, we had several readers send in letters telling us about their Snips memories. One reader remembers subscribing to the magazine back in 1960, while another reader said he remembered his father bringing the magazine home every month.

With our 80th anniversary coming up in March 2012, we are hoping that readers will share more memories with us. Please let us know your earliest Snips memories. Also, tell us if you have any back issues in your garage like I do. We bet we can find someone with the largest and oldest collection of Snips magazine. Just let us know. You can leave a comment or send an e-mail to me