The first day of spring is still over a month away, but you wouldn’t know that from some areas of the country. There are several articles online about how mild this winter has been. For example, a ski resort in New Hampshire had a hard time this past December because the temperatures weren’t low enough to make snow. On the opposite end of the spectrum, farmers in Georgia were rejoicing over the warmer-than average temperatures. They were able to save several crops that might have perished if the temperatures dipped too low.

From my own personal experience, I was in Chicago at the end of January for the annual AHR Expo. I’ve been to Chicago in January several times, and the below-zero temperatures are unbearable. But not this time. The temperatures were around the 30-degree mark. Not warm, but not the bitter cold that Chicago is use to.

So how has your business been dealing with these strange temperature fluctuations? Are you more like the New England ski resorts or the farmers down south? Perhaps the lack of snow has made your job much easier. However, if you make your living fixing and installing furnaces, this may not have been your year. Tell us how winter has impacted your business and let us know what area of the country you are from.