I’m not sure who or what made the decision, but I heard on the radio this morning that today is Social Media Day.

Publishers of the Guinness Book of World Records are noting the occasion by listing some of the most popular people on social media websites, such as rapper Eminem and over-the-top pop star Lady Gaga.

To celebrate Social Media Day, maybe I’ll post a little more on Snips’ Facebook page or Twitter account. The again, if you are a regular follower, then you know we have already jumped into social media in a big way, even if we don’t have quite as many followers as Justin Beiber or Charlie Sheen.

Our Twitter page has updates several times a day on what’s going on in the world of sheet metal, HVAC and anything else that may affect them. 

We currently have more than 1,000 followers - thank you! - on Twitter and several hundred “likes” on Facebook.

Snips also has posted several videos shot at trade shows in the past year and will soon be launching our first podcasts. If you haven’t checked out our Internet and social media presence lately, I encourage you to do so. These days, Snips is a lot more than just a monthly magazine.