I’m not one for making predictions, but when it comes to Snips magazine, I have a good feeling about 2011. Starting on Dec. 24, the Snips staff will be on vacation until Jan. 3. I think it will be a much needed break. But when we get back, expect bigger and better things from Snips.

Perhaps you noticed back in October that we posted an exclusive video interview with SMACNA President Jim Boone. This video was taken during SMACNA’s annual convention and posted the next day on the Snips site. Snips will definitely be getting more exclusive video interviews to post online in 2011.

2010 was also a big year for Snips when it came to product news. In January, look for Snips to launch another Product Showcase. This showcase highlights the newest products from leading manufacturers in the areas of sheet metal and HVAC. We’ll also run our successful Green Product Showcase again in 2011.

You can also expect Snips to continue to use social media to keep you informed in real time. Facebook and Twitter has helped Snips communicate with our readers in unprecedented ways. We’ve also been able to use our newsletter, which goes out to 10,000 subscribers, to keep readers informed on what they can find in the pages of Snips and at the Snips website. Expect our newsletter to keep getting better each month.

If you have suggestions for things Snips can do in 2011, let us know. We believe it is going to be a big year, but let us know what will make it the best year for you.