As the U.S. Congress debates the fiscal budget, there are quite a few programs that are on the chopping block. One of those programs is the Carl D. Perkins grants. These grants, more commonly known as Perkins grants, were to be cut by over $1 million. According to the Plumbing-Heating-Cooling Contractors-National Association, this would completely eliminate the tech prep portion of the Perkins program.

Fortunately, Congress decided to keep funding the Perkins grants for a temporary period of time. With that in mind, deep cuts to the program, which helps educate people in a variety of trades, could still be on the way.

PHCC is one of the major HVAC trade associations that are lobbying Congress not to do away with any Perkins funding. The association said that their lobbying efforts have been successful, but the battle isn’t over. It’s important that individuals in the trade contact their representatives to make sure that funding for technical education stays intact. In an industry that is in need of skilled workers, defunding Perkins could be detrimental.

If the Perkins Act helped you get in the trades, let us know. Maybe you can shed some light on why Perkins funding is so important.