Facebook made a big announcement recently. The social media website is going to start offering daily deals, limited-time coupons for local businesses. Facebook is currently testing the new venture in select cities, my town of San Francisco being one of them. If it’s successful, Facebook will move the program into new areas.

The daily deal coupons are pretty simple. Facebook sees what you and your friends “like” on the site. By clicking on the “daily deals,” you can see what kind of discounts and deals are being offered by the companies you follow on Facebook.

There has been a lot of talk over the last few years about how important Facebook is to HVAC and sheet metal companies. Many experts were saying that companies should get involved, although they weren’t completely sure at the time why. They just knew it was going to be big and beneficial at some point. Well, it seems like that point may be coming.

Facebook has always been a great marketing tool. It keeps your company name in front of customers. It also lets you interact with them on a one-on-one basis if you choose to. Now it looks like Facebook is going to let you take that marketing one step further and offer customers deals. These deals will only be given to those who follow you on Facebook. So, are you ready to get in the Facebook game now?