Now that the Nov. 2 elections are over, there are probably a lot of questions about what the results mean. More specifically, what does the new Congress mean for small business and the construction industry.

It’s hard to predict. According to some pundits, Washington could get gridlocked now that the House of Representatives is controlled by Republicans and President Obama has veto power.

Be on the lookout for our December issue. In that issue, we spoke to some industry leaders to get their take on what 2011 has in store for the HVAC and sheet metal industry. Going forward, a lot depends on what Congress decides to do about taxes and other important pieces of legislation.

For now, the Air Conditioning Contractors of America is going to hold a webinar called “The Elections Over – Now What?” The Nov. 9 webinar will discuss a number of topics, including things contractors and business owners need to know about tax issues. For more information on that webinar,