Is the president's health care reform effort, which is at least partially aimed at small businesses, going to help or hurt sheet metal and HVAC contractors?

As I wrote in my last blog, I've been avidly following the congressional debate about heath care for the last few weeks.

President Barack Obama went on the offensive last night, using a prime-time press conference to bolster sagging support for his plans  -- both among the public and many members of Congress, including some in his own party.

Obama lauded many of the groups who opposed prior efforts to overhaul U.S. heath care but support this effort -- for now. I suspect many of those industries will change their minds once bills are fully drafted, with clear winners and losers. It's also posible the president will pick up more supporters in coming weeks.

It's still an open question just how broad any reform will be, since many of Obama's own caucus, moderate and conservative Democrats, are not on board with the bills so far. But with large Democratic majorities in the U.S. House and Senate, I do think something will pass this year.

Health care has long been an important issue for sheet metal and HVAC contractors, since so many of the companies in the industry are the proverbial small businesses that reform is supposed to help.

So what do you think? The president has talked about exempting the smallest companies from any insurance requirements. Do you support his effort? Do you offer insurance? In this recession, are you struggling to provide it?