So $787 billion goes a long way -- or does it? 

OK, so the $787 billion economic stimulus bill was signed earlier today.

Even though the bill passed with scant GOP support, once the billions start flowing to the states, I expect lawmakers from both parties will be clamoring to ensure the money gets used in their home states. It's only "pork" when it's not a project in your district.

As noted in our news update earlier today, the bill also includes some incentives to entice homeowners to upgrade aging HVAC equipment. If it works, that should make many people, from contractors to manufacturers, very happy.

Are you expecting to see some benefit from the stimulus bill, besides the expected extra $13 or so in your weekly paycheck? Are you bidding on state or federal government projects the stimulus is expected to fund? Are you expecting more calls from homeowners looking to save money on cooling costs this summer by installing higher SEER units?

Or are you not expecting much of anything?