Who knew gas prices would actually go down this summer?

I was both happy and a little mad to see the cost for a gallon of gas had dropped at a station near my home.

As of yesterday, a Marathon station was selling a gallon of regular unleaded for $3.89 - the lowest I’ve seen in our area in some time and among the cheapest in metro Detroit, according to TV news reports. Just a week ago, it was $4.15 at the same station, if I remember.

That makes my wallet happy, but as a magazine editor, I was a little distressed. Why? I’ll let you in on a secret: We wrote an article on gas prices for September’s Snips. Back when we were writing the piece a few weeks ago, gas was averaging well over $4 a gallon nationwide.

I still think it’s going to head back up or stay around $4 for much of the rest of the country, even if southeast Michigan is spared the highest prices. But as of now, our story looks a little less timely.

Is it wrong of me hope gas doesn’t drop too much before the issue comes out?