The Snips staff is back from New York. So how would we describe this year’s AHR Expo? If I had to choose one word, it would be “green.”

You couldn’t go anywhere at the Javits Center from Jan. 22-24 without hearing these buzz words: energy efficient, sustainable, environmentally friendly.

Of course, these words are nothing new to the HVAC industry. Green building has been “building” for quite some time. But this year’s expo, in my opinion, just shows that the words “green building” and “trend” no longer go together.

Several manufacturers exhibiting products at the show were quick to let attendees know that their product was friendly to the environment, or that improvements to their product made it more green.

Among the manufacturers, green organizations were making their presence known by having their own booth. The Green Mechanical Council and the United States Green Building Council were just two green organizations with a booth.

And then there were the free seminars and the ASHRAE sessions during the show. HARDI held a seminar called “Going Green and the Plan and Spec Representative,” while ASHRAE held “An Introduction to Green Building and Sustainability.”

Did you attend this year’s expo? If so, do you also feel that green building took center stage? What did you learn? Or just share your experience attending the expo in New York.