The 20-80 ton YORK® Sun™ Premier commercial rooftop units (RTUs) provides building owners with best-in-class efficiency levels that significantly reduce operational costs over the life of the unit, while ensuring indoor air quality (IAQ) is maximized through optional features such as ultraviolet lights, humidifiers and final filters.

The Premier platforms meet aggressive Department of Energy 2023 energy efficiency standards. Offered in standard efficiency (up to 10.9 EER/15.8 IEER), high capacity or high efficiency (up to 11.4 EER/16.9 IEER), Premier units can provide up to 50 percent greater efficiency at part-load than is required, depending on the standard. Standard double-wall foam panels offer improved thermal efficiency, while modulating options, such as compressors, an energy recovery wheel, and gas or electric heat, further improve efficiency, providing quality comfort.  

To simplify system configuration and minimize start-up time, units feature start-up wizards, a 5.5-inch OLED display and an optimized numeric keypad, which are standard on all units. Customers can upgrade to the new optional high-end graphical user interface, which features a full-color touchscreen that provides quick access to system status, performance metrics and schedule parameters.  

Premier UVLight

Premier rooftop units streamline the design process with integrated system selection tools, easily accessible building information modeling files, improved submittals and simplified specification. The high-performance base models offer a complete range of factory options, including various airflow path configurations, indoor environmental quality options and modulating options for improved comfort.

Premier units are backed by industry-leading warranties, offering greater peace of mind. For more information about the YORK Sun Premier commercial rooftop units, visit