For the last decade, the New York Islanders hockey team has played in the Barclays Center, one of the smallest hockey arenas in the NHL. This meant for some fans who attended the games, their views would be obstructed and would have to use the scoreboard to watch the game. 

For the players, old piping meant poor ice conditions for unfavorable game play. However, in 2017, the Islanders team and fan base got their wish of a brand new 17,000-person arena: The UBS Arena at Belmont Park.

Many contractors sought out to be the sheet metal subcontractor on such a high-profile project, but Triple S Air Systems of Long Island prevailed. The challenge to UBS Arena would be the large diameter exposed double wall spiral ductwork inside of the “bowl” of the arena, with the largest sizes being 96”, 86” and 76” with two inches of insulation on the inside. Triple S Air Systems, however, was no stranger to complex large diameter duct systems. 

In 2016, Triple S was the sheet metal contractor on the Arthur Ash Stadium project in Flushing, New York that consisted of 76” exposed double-wall spiral ductwork. Utilizing the Ductmate self-sealing Spiralmate round duct connector system, Triple S used the inherent design features of the Spiralmate® system to their advantage not only on the straight duct, but on the large diameter gored elbows. Using the Spiralmate® at each gore of the elbow, versus welding them, makes each elbow fully adjustable – further simplifying installation. 

Since large-diameter, double wall spiral duct needs extra reinforcement to help it keep its shape; sheet metal shops sometimes use labor-intensive, companion angle rings. However, during the bidding stages of the Islanders Stadium, Ductmate collaborated with Triple S about using the Spiralmate system again, or the optional Ductmate self-sealing Ventmate system, which uses the same self-sealing flange rings as the Spiralmate, but has a unique wider closure band with an integrated neoprene gasket. 

Traditionally, the Ventmate system is used in mining and tunnel applications where duct runs have the potential of being askew and mating faces of the flanges may not touch evenly around the circumference of the flanges where the gasket is applied. 

Instead of needing to miter the duct or offset angle ring connectors, the unique, enhanced design of the Ventmate system allows for even greater installation flexibility while maintaining the systems inherent attributes. 

Greg Cross, a Project Manager from Triple S, had nothing but accolades for the Spiralmate and Ventmate rings for the project. For them, using the Ventmate and Spiralmate® systems was a huge advantage because the ductwork went together more smoothly than traditional angle rings. In the shop, they were able to efficiently build the duct by installing the self-sealing flange, line the duct with insulation, attach Ductmate’s 2” inner ring, and then slide in the perforated liner. 

Onsite, due to the inherent one-bolt closure band of the Ventmate system, workers did not have to climb on or maneuver around the ductwork to apply external sealant or install multiple fasteners at the duct connections, which is necessary on angle ring and similar connections. Therefore, the Ventmate system resulted in considerable labor savings, a significantly safer installation, and ultimately a cleaner appearance at the connection, which in turn, complemented the high-quality duct produced by Triple S, resulting in an architecturally appealing HVAC duct system.

In the midst of this project, the COVID-19 Global Pandemic struck and New York City halted virtually all non-essential business activity. Despite this unprecedented event, Triple S was able to continue manufacturing the ductwork needed at their facility for the arena. Cross praised Ductmate on their ability to meet lead times while other suppliers experienced supply chain disruptions and delays for material. 

 “I would 100% recommend the Ventmate and Spiralmate for future projects where large diameter duct is going to be utilized,” Cross says. In total, the UBS Arena utilizes 643 Spiralmate and Ventmate connector systems and 752 2” inner rings.

Ventmate and Sprialmate are just two Ductmate products that keep contractors, like Triple S, coming back. Ductmate Industries was founded on the fundamental principal of eliminating the need for sealants, reducing labor and material costs, and improving the overall appearance and quality of HVAC systems. Ductmate Industries products, by design, also inherently enhance the energy efficiency, system integrity, and indoor air quality of commercial and industrial HVAC systems.