Carrier recently launched a Revit configurator to customize commercial air conditioning system drawings. It provides HVAC professionals the ability to uniquely configure their Carrier HVAC unit Revit drawings based on key project criteria, such as cooling capacity, size, factory-installed options and voltage.

Once a model is created using the new configurator, it is then available for download and integration with Autodesk Revit, the leading architectural design software, along with other key file formats and documentation to assist in the design process. By customizing the products, the user can save time normally needed to configure the unit within the Revit software.

The configurator is publicly available for Carrier outdoor-packaged products, including electric, gas and heat pump systems, as well as Carrier light commercial split system units. The public availability of the tool allows for uniquely fast and easy configuration on-the-go.

“This configurator adds to the exceptional experience that building professionals can expect to have when they work with Carrier,” says J.B. Spillane, managing director, North America Light Commercial HVAC.