To celebrate Hermanson Company’s 40th anniversary, the full-service mechanical contractor created a custom centerpiece for a celebratory event. “Forty years ago, Hermanson was a sheet metal only shop,” explains relationship manager Melissa Tatro. “Knowing the caliber of craftsman in our shop, a stainless steel cupcake stand was an ideal way to show off their talents.”  

Tatro worked with Hermanson Specialty Metal foreman John Lopan and fabricator Ryan Rowalt to design a four-tier cupcake stand with a 40” x 40” bottom base with 10” graduations. Using 16 gauge #4 stainless, the stand holds place with a center rod that allows for event-specific signage that could be fabricated on the company’s laser cutting machine.

During the company’s anniversary celebration, held on the 76th floor of the downtown Seattle Columbia Tower, the custom stand was the perfect accent to Seattle’s downtown cityscape, which is full of buildings that Hermanson has built from the ground up, renovated or re-shaped through tenant improvements. “It was a spectacular sight,” says Tatro, “The cupcake stand was a homage to Hermanson’s early days in the industry, and the event was an opportunity to look out and see the impact Hermanson has had on the Seattle skyline over the years.”