Speciliazing in the fabrication of spiral, oval and rectangular duct, SET Duct Manufacturing recently celebrated six years of business with no lost time accidents. 

“SDM employees handle over four to five million pounds of steel each year using various pieces of equipment that punches, spins, cuts, welds, pounds and rolls, just to mention a few, that can cause a serious injury if safety is not taken serious and in the forefront of each employee mind each and every day” says Paul Hilbert SET Duct's plant manager and safety coordinator.

The full SET Duct Manufacturing team

The SET Duct Manufacturing team includes fabrication, shipping, truck drivers, foreman, plant manager, purchasing, sales, estimating and administration employees. Photo by Josh Scott. 

There are "no do over days" when it comes to safety, SET Duct says about their record. It's a continued investment. ”The return on the investment is worth the time, effort and the money is well spent. The reward is simple: every employee goes home to their families each and every day without an accident or injury occurring.”

Here are five key factors that contribute to SET Duct's success: 

1. Safety starts at the top with the owner, president, vice president, general managers and on down. If upper management takes safety serious and are truly concerned, they need to be engaged daily in safety, walk the floor, be proactive, attend and participate in safety meetings and listen to their employees and react.

2. Keeping the shop clean and organized. Employees feel safer in an environment that is organized and without clutter.

3. Empower employees to watch over themselves and each other without fear of any repercussions if an employee see’s someone or something that’s unsafe allow the employee to stop any procedure at any time. Safety always takes precedence over productivity.

4. Create Training Programs- For example we have program called SET SET (Spiral Employee Training) this program teaches safety first, while giving the proper training to our employees in the fabrication of spiral and, oval ductwork and fittings.

5. Track your turnover rate. If it is above the industry average try to find out why, be opened minded on how you can improve turnover. Constantly training new employees can be expensive and they are more susceptible to have an accident or injury.