Hygienic air handling is a critical element in food processing — including dairy, meat, and ready-to-eat food preparation, explains Bassett Mechanical. To maintain sanitary standards, hygienic duct must eliminate “catch points” that could foster bacterial growth and microorganisms. 

Bassett begins sanitary duct fabrications with clean laser cut materials. A fabrication team then carefully protects the roll forming equipment with a durable layer of PVC wrap, protecting the stainless from scratches and risk of contamination during the forming operation. The final step, performed by a team of skilled welders, is to connect the pieces of duct using the TIG weld-ing process as shown above. 

The pictured HVAC system required 1200 field hours and a turnaround time of just eight days, which took thorough pre-planning and flawless execution from Bassett’s fabrication and installa-tion teams.

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