Optrel recently announced its new crystal2.0 e3000 PAPR System — consisting of its industry-leading crystal2.0 welding helmet and its e3000 PAPR powered air purifying respirator. The system delivers a quantum improvement in active eye protection, visual clarity, and safety against airborne particulates for workers during welding or grinding operations.

The NIOSH-approved crystal2.0 e3000 PAPR system protects welders from 99.8 percent of respiratory particulates including smoke, aerosol, and dust — providing up to 500x cleaner breathing air. The system delivers even air distribution of fresh air within the helmet due to its adjustable air flow control.

The optrel crystal2.0 welding helmet, featuring optrel’s patented Crystal Lens Technology (CLT2.0), delivers 31 percent visible light transmission in its light state (Protection Level 2.0) — setting a new world record for best brightness and breaking the record optrel itself set three years ago. The crystal2.0’s industry-leading true color perception delivers a nearly-perfect color spectrum that provides unsurpassed optical clarity for welders of their work and job site. In its light state, the view is the same as looking through a clear glass window. In its dark state, the crystal2.0 provides a high-contrast view of the welding pool and best-in-class clearness.

The new optrel crystal2.0 e3000 PAPR system features:

  • A filter that removes 99.8% of all particulates,
  • An integrated, adjustable air flow control for fresh air distribution,
  • An automatic air flow test when unit is powered on, and
  • Easy-to-use adjustment controls.

The NIOSH-approved system meets industry standards US ANSI Z87.1, European CE (EN379, EN166, EN175), and complies with Canadian standard CSA Z94.3.

The optrel crystal2.0 e3000 PAPR system is immediately available. A high-altitude version is also available.