Heating, Air-conditioning & Refrigeration Distributors International (HARDI) has announced an overhaul of its Focus Conference format. This new format consists of one multi-tracked event in place of the former three separate function-specific events previously held throughout the calendar year.

“The purpose of this reformatting was two-fold,” said Executive Vice President Emily Saving. "On one hand, our members are very busy, and it was difficult trying to pin down times for different job functions to travel to their respective event. This is an attempt to streamline our focus conferences into on single event that specific functional leadership can attend with peers and learn from presenters and sessions catered specifically what is import for them."

"On the other hand," Saving continued, "we found a way to make the content we provide at this event more integrated with member needs by taking advantage of the recent HARDI Council changes, giving those groups control of the topics to be covered."

The new Focus Conference, which will be held September 11-13 in Fort Worth, Texas, will feature four tracks planned in concert with their coinciding HARDI Councils: Marketing, Sales, Human Resources, and Supply Chain & Operations.

For more information, visit hardinet.org.