When Rich Naldrett joined Maamech in spring 2014, leaders at the Hunt Valley, Maryland-based HVAC construction company had decided to offer comprehensive design-build services to building owners. 

Initially, the company used contract designers, but decided it made more sense to bring the design function fully in house. To support the new design team, Maamech solicited bids from various vendors in order to implement a building information modeling-based platform. The company ultimately decided on Imaginit Technologies’ proposal for Autodesk’s building design suite, which includes Revit MEP and Navisworks.

“The tie breaker was the personal relationships that Imaginit brought to the table,” said Naldrett, who is the director of design and engineering at Maamech.

Imaginit employees Jason Bandish, an account executive, and Nick Bowley, a specialist with experience in the HVAC industry, were on hand to answer Maamech’s questions during the implementation, which included training on-site and at the Imaginit offices as well as access to Imaginit’s e-learning portal.

Bowley visited Maamech’s offices several times to help team members with schedule-making, content creation and developing templates for Autodesk AutoCAD and Revit.

“We have a lot of diversity in skill levels on our team,” said Naldrett. “Some people are very advanced, while others are still coming up to speed. When Nick is on-site, our staff’s capabilities grow exponentially.”

Since adding in-house design-build services, Maamech said it has compressed project schedules by around six months. The company is also looking to streamline its fabrication and installation process with the implementation of Autodesk Fabrication software.

“Customers are excited, and we are winning design-build business from repeat and new clients,” Naldrett said. “If you are considering working with Imaginit Technologies, I’d say go for it. We’ve experienced no pitfalls. It’s been a great relationship.”