HVAC construction equipment maker Trane announced Wednesday that it is expanding the company’s CenTraVac centrifugal chiller line.

Starting next year, Trane will sell small-tonnage CenTraVac chillers for use in offices and municipal buildings using R-123 or R-514A refrigerants.

The new chillers are part of the parent company Ingersoll Rand’s EcoWise portfolio of energy-efficient green HVAC products that use low global warming-potential refrigerants.

“We are pleased to bring our customers new choices for achieving their building, business and sustainability goals without compromising safety, performance or efficiency,” said Dave Regnery, Ingersoll Rand’s president of commercial heating, ventilating and air-conditioning operations in North America, Europe, the Middle East and Africa. “We paired our technical and applications expertise with new refrigerant and service offerings to deliver efficiency and reliability that customers expect.”