Even though higher SEER standards have taken effect in much of the country, many residential HVAC construction firms remain unaware of them and the impact they may have on their businesses.

Those are some of the findings from a new survey from Emerson Climate Technologies. The company emailed 698 contractors late in 2014 and found 48 percent said they either didn’t know that the minimum HVAC seasonal energy efficiency rating was increasing to 14 as of Jan. 1, or were unaware how it could affect their companies.

“The lack of awareness, while concerning, is actually an improvement from late in 2013 when nearly 75 percent of contractors were in the dark about these regulations,” said Frank Landwehr, Emerson Climate Technologies’ vice president of air-conditioning marketing. “Contractors still have time to review what these regional standards mean for their business and how they can help their customers enhance the comfort of their homes. Emerson is well-prepared to support our industry partners with tools like our online resource AC and Heating Connect.”

 Emerson said contractors appear to be more optimistic about the implementation of regional HVAC market standards than they were in 2014. Only 17 said they were worried about staying in business once the efficiency standards were implemented. And 60 percent said the new regulations would boost their sales even higher efficiency HVAC equipment of 16 SEER or more.