Distech Controls is now offering two new mobile apps for HVAC systems: myDC Control and Smart-Sense Room Control.

The company says with the myDC Control app, users can single-handedly test and commission HVAC systems. The app also allows for remote servicing and maintenance and improved response to service calls, reducing the need and costs for building managers to make on-site visits.

The Smart-Sense Room Control app allows occupants to view and set comfort parameters, such as temperature; fan speed; lighting; shades and blinds; and occupancy. The mobile application also features the Eco-Vue leaf pattern, which the company said engages occupants and provides real-time visuals pertaining to the energy efficiency of an environmental setting.

“At Distech Controls, we strive for innovative ways to help make life that much easier for those looking to achieve energy and operational efficiencies,” said company President and CEO Etienne Veilleux. “These new apps do just that by directly putting control into the hands of a variety of users, allowing them to access and optimize HVAC system settings and influence their environments for improved comfort from anywhere at any time. We are proud to offer these solutions to our network of partners and end users, and are confident that they will serve as a cornerstone for future mobile innovations.”

 Both mobile apps are available for free download on Android devices and iPhones. Additional information for both mobile apps can be found here.