Safety awareness can be both fun and entertaining — something that the Mechanical Contractors Association of Chicago said it has been proving for over two decades.

Since 1990, the organization has been producing paycheck inserts with humorous safety messages that have gained a loyal following of construction workers throughout the country.

 “Safety is our No. 1 priority,” said association Executive Vice President Stephen Lamb. “We offer safety courses for our contractors, provide safety materials for new members, and work hard to come up with new ideas to keep our workers thinking ‘safety first.’ ”

Dan Bulley, mechanical engineer and senior vice president of MCA Chicago, came up with the idea of creating safety stuffers with a bit of “shock value” to get the workforce engaged in the messages.

“We know it’s easy for mail inserts to be ignored,” Bulley said. “So we needed to create something that would get attention. I thought by doing something shocking, off-beat and amusing we would get more attention than hitting our workforce with the same old safety messages they see all the time.”

Bulley worked with Nehlsen Communications of Moline, Ill., to produce the safety stuffers.

 “We were lucky to have Dan spearheading this project,” said Nancy Nehlsen, president of Nehlsen Communications. “He gave us the leeway to get really creative with our designs and copy. Not many clients will allow an agency to step so far out of the boundaries of what the industry normally does.”

Every year a new series of safety stuffers is created. The latest round, coming out in 2015, features a series of funny messages based around letters of the alphabet.

 MCA chapters throughout the country have used the safety stuffers, and manufacturing plants have asked to have them adapted to in-house posters.