A New Hampshire county has purchased a biomass boiler green HVAC system to serve a nursing home and prison.

Sullivan County, N.H., bought the system from Hurst Boiler. It will produce heat and electricity for 215,000 square feet of space.

“I ran into a competitor at the northeast biomass conference two years ago and was shown some of his equipment,” said John Cressy, the county’s facilities director. “We liked the concept and robust nature of the “walking floor” so I specified it in our bid package. The equipment specified by the winning bidder turned out to be Hurst equipment.  I hadn’t even heard of Hurst; but after learning what I did, I was delighted that they were central to our project.”  

Hurst Boiler representative Bob Waller and his company Thermal Systems Inc. coordinated and handled specification and procurement services for the project.

“Even though it’s still a new system, I’m very pleased with the Hurst equipment,” Cressy said. “It’s robust, which is important in New Hampshire, as we put heating systems through a lot up here.”

Sullivan County officials estimate that the annual fuel savings will pay for the bonds used to finance the HVAC construction within fifteen years.