The NAHB is expressing disappointment at the Obama administration’s immigration plan.

In a speech Thursday night, President Barack Obama said he would use executive action to block the deportation of an estimated 4 million unauthorized immigrants whom have families in the U.S.

The president’s order does not require the approval of Congress.

National Association of Home Builders Chairman Kevin Kelly said it was not the broad solution the group was looking for.

"While President Obama's executive action may provide relief for a portion of the estimated 11 million undocumented immigrants residing in the U.S., this piecemeal approach to immigration reform is no long-term answer,” Kelly said. “It could be overturned by a future administration and it puts employers in a precarious position with regard to uncertain employment verification requirements.

"The only way to enact comprehensive immigration reform is for Congress to provide a legislative answer. This can only happen if the White House works with Republicans and Democrats in both the House and the Senate,” he added. “Significant progress was made toward developing comprehensive immigration legislation in the last congressional session and the administration and new Congress should build on that foundation to develop a lasting, fair and workable policy solution."