Emerson Climate Technologies has committed to building a $35 million “innovation center” on the University of Dayton’s campus in Ohio. The center will be a unique research and training facility for the heating and cooling industry, company officials said, with a special focus on green HVAC. Work will target these HVAC market segments: residential and air conditioning, retail food storage, food service and network/data centers. Prototypes will give customers and university engineering department students a chance to test new products and give feedback to Emerson officials.

“This facility fills a real and critical need for the HVACR industry today,” said Ed Purvis, Emerson Climate Technologies’ executive vice president. “Nowhere else will you find a similar facility where academic researchers and industry participants can come together under one roof to dialogue, develop and test technology solutions through various real-world applications. The goal is to create the world’s premier HVACR research and development facility where creativity and open-mindedness is encouraged. Here, new and game-changing concepts in technologies and services will be conceived and tested to create real and beneficial change in our industry and world.” The facility will be located 40 miles from Emerson Climate Technologies world headquarters in Sidney, Ohio.

“By choosing the University of Dayton campus for its new Innovation Center, Emerson Climate Technologies has invested not only in its own future, but in ours,” said Daniel J. Curran, president of the University of Dayton. “The partnership will help make our university a center for research and development in a highly important global industry. And the Emerson Innovation Center also will serve as a potential employer for many of our graduates. We believe this partnership will pay dividends for years to come.” Construction is scheduled to begin this month and will be completed by the end of 2015, the company said.