Uponor customers in the U.S. and Canadian markets can now enjoy the company’s two newly designed websites located at www.uponor-usa.com and www.uponor.ca.

The company says the new websites are part of a global initiative to incorporate a common platform across all Uponor companies worldwide.

Don Costello, Web product manager at Uponor, said the new sites have more to offer, with a clean, modern design, user-friendly navigation and are full search engine and mobile optimized.

“The modularity and flexibility of the new platform provides greater options for content, search and social integration, while also offering easier navigation for the general public,” Costello said. “It also provides a better environment for future initiatives, as we continue to explore areas where we can enhance our online presence.”

A few new features of the sites include: a blog that allows users to post comments and questions; a virtual city where people can click on either a single-family home or a commercial building to see and learn about the Uponor products and systems in the structure; and a page where potential customers can locate a Uponor sales representative in their area.