The Air Conditioning Contractors of America is tackling the problem of refrigerant inhaling in a new educational flier.

“Locking Caps Guard Against Huffing,” part of the ACCA’s ComforTool series aimed at homeowners, explains why lockable tops are required on many outdoor air conditioners and heat pumps.

“ACCA ComforTools are one of our most used member benefits, because they are easy for the contractors to use and easy for the customers to understand,” said association President and CEO Paul T. Stalknecht. “Covering a safety topic such as locking caps is extremely important. Many homeowners may not be aware that huffing is an issue and may think that a locking cap is an unnecessary, additional expense. By educating them about the code requirement, contractors are not only helping to prevent the abuse of refrigerants, but helping the customer save money by not needing to recharge their systems frequently due to the abuse.”

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