Ram Grinding of Arvada, Colo., has more money to spend on equipment these days. The reason? The installation of an indirect evaporative cooling system from Coolerado.

The Coolerado air conditioning keeps Ram’s 7,200-square-foot shop at 76°F even though temperatures outside can reach 105°F.

“As a precision grinding shop, we utilize highly calibrated equipment and a few degrees increase in temperature can compromise the integrity of our product,” said company co-owner Donovan Horton. “We could not be more pleased to have the industry leading Coolerado AC units keeping our employees and equipment cool while reaping significant savings on our cooling costs.”

Coolerado CEO Tom Teynor said Rams’ experience is not uncommon.

“Ram Grinding is an excellent example of a family-owned business success story and we are delighted to be their cooling technology of choice,” he said. “It’s exciting to help provide such favorable climate conditions to Ram Grinding and it would be difficult to find another machine shop that can boast equivalent energy cost savings.”