AerialThe Aerial Tool Bin, developed by DeMore’s Innovative Design Inc., keeps hand tools and supplies organized and within a worker’s reach. Company officials say this product ensures increased efficiency and safety, and eases worker back strain from constant bending. Constructed from ultraviolet-resistant orange polypropylene, the 10-pound tool box, which can hold up to 50 pounds, is designed to provide a safer, clutter-free working area by keeping tools and parts off the deck floor. Made for aerial platforms, scissor and boom lifts, the portable, triangular-shaped organizer attaches to square or rounded 90-degree corners of platform railings, where it is secured with two safety-compliant locking bolts. A built-in handle for easy carrying is incorporated into the design, as well as a tool belt safety holder to secure a worker’s tool belt to the front of the bin.

DeMore’s Innovative Design Inc., P.O. Box 803, Menomonee Falls, WI 53052-0803; (262) 825-6784; www.aerialtool