ASHRAE has overhauled its employment directory at, making the site an event better resource for members looking for work. 

The site now allows companies to list their openings on the many construction-related websites operated by, ensuring the positions have the highest visibility possible. 

The partnership is good news for the American Society of Heating, Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning Engineers, said Tim Wentz, volunteer chairman of the society’s Publishing and Education Council. “Unfortunately, like so many industries, companies wanting to or already employing ASHRAE members, report troubles finding the right candidate. The improved ASHRAEjobs site, along with its four years of history, gives us the foundation to expand our efforts and ensure the right talent is being matched up with right job.”

The agreement benefits BirdDog as well, said spokesman Bryan May. 

“It had become evident in the past year that there was a gap between what we had in place and an increasing demand for both employers and job seekers to have a solution that was both effective and efficient,” he said. 

The service launched April 15.