A Romoland, Calif., data center is saving $24,000 in annual energy costs, thanks in part to new HVAC units from Coolerado. 

Affordable Internet Service Online Inc., better known as AISO.net, has long prided itself on being a green company — but that philosophy didn’t work so well with the air conditioners used to cool its computer rooms. So it replaced the existing units with three C60 HMX units. The HMX units - — which stands for heat mass exchange — use indirect and 21-stage evaporative cooling. The moisture used to remove heat from the rooms never touches the computers — an important consideration. 

Phil Nail, chief technology officer at AISO.net, said he was happy with units.

“We’ve always been a pioneer in green data center practices and it’s our responsibility to seek out the most energy efficient AC provider in Coolerado,” Nail said. “Coolerado air conditioners save us on energy costs and allow us to maximize our technology density while not compromising on performance for our customers. We’ve been able to expand within a much smaller footprint, because of virtualization and hospital grade equipment, which gives us greater capacity, greater speed all in a much small footprint which also equates to less energy usage. Most companies expand their footprint as they grow; AISO.net’s philosophy is just the opposite. We reduce our footprint as we grow.”

Company officials at Coolerado said it was an honor to be selected by such an environmentally conscious firm.

“AISO.net has set the standard for green data centers; we are extremely pleased to be a part of their environmentally conscious efforts,” said Tom Teynor, chief executive officer at Coolerado. “We applaud data centers like AISO.net that are relentless about maximizing space, recycling and decreasing their carbon footprint. Coolerado takes great pride in being the AC solution of choice for the green data center or any critical facility committed to dramatically reducing their energy consumption.”