United Supply Co. has turned its Blackwood, N.J., store into a ProStock outlet.

“We’ve been in business since my grandfather, Abraham Kantor, established United Supply Co. 100 years ago, and we opened our first plumbing retail showroom in the 1970s.,” said Steve Kantor, CEO of United Supply. “It’s natural that we’d try to do something with our HVAC products that feels more like a convenient, retail shopping experience.”

ProStock stores offer replacement parts directly from Rheem and Ruud, as well as aftermarket parts and supplies for contractors that handle HVAC and water heating equipment. According to Rheem and Ruud, these stores are designed to meet the needs of local contractors by creating self-service retail showrooms.

Kantor said that United Supply decided to pursue the ProStock model to help customers more quickly purchase parts and supplies so they can get back to job sites faster. The retail layout has helped educate customers about the full range of parts and products offered by United Supply.

“Customers have always been aware of our mainstay products, but now they notice items that often don’t get discussed as much — and that’s because they’re displayed much more effectively in the ProStock format,” added Kantor. “Now, customers are buying products that they didn’t even know we carried, and they’re saving time by getting everything from one store.”

The new store officially opened Nov. 14, 2012.