Hart & Cooley brands  get new logosSome of Hart & Cooley’s brands are getting a new look when it comes to their logos. The Ward Industries, Portals Plus, and Roof Products & Systems brands all have new logos.

John Scianna, a graphic designer for Hart & Cooley, helped with the redesign. According to Scianna, the goal was to modernize the logos while also simplifying them.

“With the new Portals Plus identity I wanted to accomplish a few key things: update the look to fit the 21st century, simplify and embolden the mark to portray a strong and durable feel, and pay homage to Portal Plus’ roots that date back to 1977,” Scianna said.   

Hart & Cooley is requesting that its customers begin using the logos on all materials they produce, including displays and websites. To download the new logos, visit www.commercialproductsgroup.com/Logos.aspx.