The Air Conditioning Contractors of America is inviting attendees to its fifth Service Managers Forum.

The Oct. 11-12 event in Austin, Texas, is presented by the ACCA and Snips’ sister publication The Air Conditioning, Heating and Refrigeration News.

This year’s program includes 12 educational sessions, called “learning labs” by the ACCA. These sessions will run concurrently over two days and features topics for both residential and commercial service managers. Some of the learning labs attendees can choose from are: “Money’s Not The Only Motivator” with Matt Marsiglio of Flame Furnace; “The Seasonal Rush: Don’t Just Survive. Thrive!” with Carissa DiMuccio of Carjon Air Conditioning and Heating; and “Techs Do Grow On Trees If You Plant the Seeds and Water Them” with Frank Cerbone of All State Air Control Sales and Service Inc.

Other sessions will cover profitability, hiring, and other business topics.

Starting the Service Managers Forum is Bruce Wilkinson, a popular keynote speaker for the ACCA. During the opening session, “One Voice Leadership,” Wilkinson will discuss the diverse, multigenerational work force that managers are a part of and how contractors can motive all of these different personalities and overcome conflicts that arise from the varying view points.

The event closes with the session “I’ve Got a Idea!” This session with Vince DiFilippo of DiFilippo’s Service Co. allows attendees to share their own success secrets for others to take back to their businesses.

“The Service Managers Forum has grown to be one of our most popular educational events each year and we are excited to be going to Austin this year for it,” said Kevin Holland, the ACCA’s senior vice president of business operations and membership. “We’ve scheduled a brand-new lineup for learning labs that will feature some of our best speakers from the past and some new speakers to help service managers review their processes, recharge their outlook, and reinvigorate their entire team when they return home. This event is about learning, growing, and helping attendees move to the next level of success.”

 For information on the forum, call (703) 824-8856 or visit