Dexter & Chaney, developer of Spectrum Construction Software, recently marked the 30th anniversary of the company’s founding.

Partners Mark Dexter and John Chaney started the business in 1981 in the spare bedroom of Dexter’s Seattle apartment. The duo had worked together as certified public accountants in the consulting division of Arthur Andersen, now Accenture, on a huge maritime project involving pricing change orders and mark-ups-a manual process at the time. They figured there had to be a better method, and decided to apply the emerging technology of electronic spreadsheets to the construction market.

Today, Dexter & Chaney employs more than 80 people who work in two buildings on the company-owned 2.3-acre campus in north Seattle.

“Our founding principles - making Spectrum the last software our clients need to buy, and our commitment to making each client a customer for life - apply today as they did in 1981,” said  Chaney, the company’s president.  “Producing software that our clients never need to re-purchase is a commitment that we’ve upheld for 30 years. It’s been true for all of our past releases and upgrades, and we will continue to do likewise with future versions of Spectrum and for the life of the product.”