Designed for use with in-floor radiant heating installations, this portable stapler with magazine feed operates from a standing position to secure a layout of PEX pipe (polyethylene cross-linked tubing) to a wooden sub-floor or foamboard base. The stapler head captures and holds PEX in place as staples are directed via a non-stick, magazine slide to the plunger assembly. A leaf-spring controlled stop sets up each staple to avoid the risk of deforming the connection or jamming the stapler. The magazine slide is made of a solid, one-piece engineered-polymer which balances the tool by directing the weight over the stapler head. An in-line D-grip positions the user’s hand and wrist for applying downward pressure while stapling and when lifting and moving the tool. The stapler design offers maximum control and ease of handling for comfortable one-handed, one-stroke staple insertion, said the manufacturers.

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