In a move to enhance customer service and ease the purchase of its product offerings, the Fabricators & Manufacturers Association says it has created the new position of vice president of expositions and media.

Longtime FMA executive Mark Hoper will fill the post.

Hoper will be responsible for integrating trade show sales with media sales, and will oversee the ongoing execution of all operations, promotions, editorial quality and financial performance of both areas, which include the Fabtech show and six FMA communications publications.

“We have over 2,000 customers and more than 50 different products. This strategy to consolidate our sales team members will make us more efficient in serving our customers,” said Hoper. “Relative to the Fabtech show, we will continue to work with our partners and the existing sales structure. However, wherever possible, we consolidated the FMA menu of products and services to allow for a more efficient sales process.”

Hoper added that customers who previously dealt with two or three sales team members will be able to do business with just one person for all exposition, print, web and sponsorship needs.

“FMA’s goal is to make its customers more competitive and help them achieve greater profitability and success in their business,” said FMA President and CEO Edward Youdell. “By making it easier to do business with FMA, its publications, and the Fabtech trade show, we can serve our customers as a more strategic business partner. Under Mark’s leadership, this will happen.”

Hoper has been with the FMA for 22 years.