A new video borescope inspection system for pipe and duct from General Tools & Instruments allows HVAC technicians to examine and document the interior conditions of ductwork. The two-component DPS16 system is one-part probe and reel, one-part recording borescope. The included probe and reel set has a 72-foot-long, camera-tipped probe, a take-up reel and accessories for centering the probe. The company says the 1.1-inch diameter camera has a depth of field of 0.4 inches to infinity. The device also has a 150-degree viewing angle and eight super-bright white LEDs. The probe can maneuver through two 90-degree bends and is waterproof. The included recording console features a 3.5-inch LCD color monitor for real-time viewing and an integral 2-gigabyte MicroSD card for recording video and still images.

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