The Air Conditioning Contractors of America will have a chance to provide knowledge on developing contracts as a new member of the ConsensusDocs Coalition.

ConsensusDocs is a group of 33 design and construction industry associations that create standard contract documents for use by all participants in the construction industry.

As a member of the coalition, ACCA now has the opportunity to provide input and feedback into the creation and updates of the contracts that are available through ConsensusDocs. ACCA members also receive a 20 percent discount when purchasing the documents.

“ACCA joined ConsensusDocs to give our members access to a large number of contracts that have been created and reviewed by experts in the construction industry to make them fair for all parties involved,” said Hilary Atkins, ACCA’s general counsel, and senior vice president of finance and administration. “While each of these documents should be reviewed by the contractor and their legal counsel before using them, this library gives contractors a solid starting point to work from, making the process easier.”

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