The Sheet Metal and Air Conditioning Contractors’ National Association has come out in support of legislation nicknamed “Building Star” in the U.S. House of Representatives.

In a letter jointly co-signed with the Sheet Metal Workers’ union, SMACNA President John Lindemulder said the bill “is guaranteed to create thousands of construction jobs this year. Building Star would help put people back to work retrofitting existing buildings, and would do so fast.”

SMACNA officials said the bill will offer technology-specific rebates that are based on utility rebate programs that are already helping improve the energy performance of buildings and homes, and will create and retain jobs.

Building Star is the nickname of a package of equipment and installation-based rebates and financing assistance to stimulate energy efficient retrofits and enhance the energy performance of commercial and multifamily residential buildings. SMACNA said it believes legislation would quickly mobilize building owners, construction firms, the building trades and manufacturers and distributors of building supplies to create jobs in 2010.

“It is the right program at the right time for our economy for an industry with near historic unemployment across all sectors,” Lindemulder said.

Building Star was developed by Rebuilding America, a SMACNA-supported coalition of more than 60 construction organizations, manufacturers, financial services companies, building trade unions, and efficiency advocates.